The Train Driving Simulator

This is a replica of the 742 Series Controller Console that is linked to the Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS) game simulator. However, it is not software that is able to simulate HDV control fully relevant to reality. 

The locomotive console is able to control:

  • HDV directional selector
  • HDV power selector
  • BP automatic brake system
  • BS 2 brakes
  • Button and pedal sandblasting
  • Whistle button
  • The horn pedal. 

The actual measuring and display elements on the counters are inactive. Their status changes are solved by displaying on the monitor in the 2D cab of the vehicle. 

The carriageway that is shown during the ride is the section between Krnov and Ostrava Svinov which is followed by other Opava rail tracks.

130 Years of the Railway of Moravian-Silesian Cities: Kojetín - Těšín – Bílsko

The Moravian-Silesian Railway Museum has prepared the sixth exhibition called "130 years of the Routes of the Moravian-Silesian cities: Kojetín – Těšín - Bílsko ". The exhibition is complemented by other anniversaries this year: Petrovice-Karviná, Frýdlant-Bílá and Třemešná in Slezsko-Osoblaha.

The new exhibition will be open to the public from 28th of April 2018 and it will run until 11th of August 2019.On the display panels you can find interesting information and read some unpublished historical data on the origin and construction of this important backbone line. The text is complemented by situational plans, period photographs and projects of the first station buildings on this track.You can see interesting original documents and items in the showcases.Every visitor will be certainly attracted by interesting model of the steam locomotive and the train model from the first half of the 19th century. 

We look forward to your visit!!

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